The EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “CORATINA” an extra virgin olive oil other high value-added

Since ancient times knew about the properties owned by the oil extracted from olives. With time, however, these properties are untraceable although in our country tradition our ancestors used the oil sparingly as it was so prized not only for eating but also for treatment. It will not be a coincidence that in the past one kilo of oil was worth a pound of meat. But today in a sea of oil in which the use of the term “virgin” seems very inflated, it becomes increasingly important to deepen the knowledge of the oil not only qualitative but also the beneficial ones of a nutraceutical food important for our body. Learn to know how to choose an oil when you buy it by not dwell only on the convenience of the price offered aside from the rest, it is important to develop awareness to make a purchase “aware”. In awareness of the quality and origin of the product knowing rapportalo properly at the right price. Although most of the time we are attracted by the lower price offered rather than by the guarantee of a quality product. For this reason, it becomes increasingly important to develop the combination of “food and health” with which to explain the qualitative properties and health benefits of food friends health, useful not only to meet the needs of the throat and to fill the stomach but also to ensure your body the necessary being. As among the extra virgin olive oils particularly fruity, bitter and spicy is to “Coratina” that purity has a significant content of polyphenols, among many other information on extra virgin olive oil and its properties, it is also interesting that appeared the monthly Infly of 45 November 2012 signed by Daniel Banfi, in the section by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi that recurs in full below.

“The extra virgin olive oil has always been considered a food that can protect our heart more generally, our arteries. This is done through the adjustment of the levels of cholesterol circulating in the blood. But if assuming it could protect the brain? To say an increasing number of studies, data is increasingly clear that the extra virgin olive oil – I would add and not a generic extra virgin olive oil – can prevent stroke in older people. Last in order of time a survey published in the journal Neurology, which states that the regular use of extra virgin olive oil reduces by 41% the likelihood of stroke. A particularly significant because the research took into account physical activity, body mass index and diet. At the same risk of these variables was significantly lower in those who consume oil. But what about the anti-aging effects? The virgin is a mine of anti-oxidants including vitamin E, tocopherol and other phenolic compounds. All molecules that can defend our body from premature aging by combating free radicals. The latter are primarily responsible for cellular damage typical of the age. They are particularly reactive forms of oxygen, which is very powerful molecules capable of damaging DNA and, in the long, trigger the genesis of tumors. Thanks to the oil, the antioxidants contained in it neutralize the hazardous radicals thus ensuring longevity to the cells. But the properties of extra virgin not end there. A giovarne is also the digestive tract. The oil, in fact, is able to reduce the secretion of gastric acid and consequently the risk of ulcers. In addition, also has an effect on the liver. Thanks to its balanced composition of fat has a high detoxifying power. So the consumption of virgin is a great way to do prevention. Am what the right amount to take? Certainly for a healthy and balanced diet should not be exceeded three tablespoons a day. It ‘important to remember, in fact, that the oil is not a drug, an excessive consumption does not lower cholesterol but, on the contrary, raises it. As for the way you use it, the advice of experts is to prefer it raw. It should, however, also said that the virgin is not harmful in cooked foods. Because of its high percentage of oleic acid, olive oil has a high smoke point and is stable at high temperatures: the right feature that makes it one of the best foods to cook. “