“Fruity, bitter, spicy, it teases the palate, good for health”

The gold of Andriais a 100% Cultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil, with an intense fruity aroma, aromatic notes of leaves and grass and the typical spicy perception which you can detect by your throat, synonym of genuineness and authenticity of the oil, due to the high presence of “polyphenols” and to a very low acidity than the average. The polyphenols, to which the “European Authority for the Food Security” (EFSA) has recently revealed his positive opinion about the recognition, and so the following communication to the users of the healthy properties of the olive oil’s polyphenols, guarantee the stability of the oil during the preservation and protect the organoleptic, nutritional and healthy features, as well as a high antioxidant activity which prevents the triglycerides oxidation. These good features are also determined by the olives harvesting procedures,  in advance than the standard period of maturation and cold-pressed within max 36 hours which allows to confer to the oil those healthy and sensorial features with those fruity, bitter and spicy peculiarities that represent his true exclusive elements.

The typical green of the oil with golden shades, this particular fresh grass and leaves aroma and a taste which presents little bitternessand  aspicy aftertaste with hints of artichoke, represent those ingredients useful in order to gain the trust of the users with critic capacity and with organoleptic evaluation and in order to establish with him a lasting relationship, because it is an oil with a unique identity and low acidity. From this point of view, the  Cultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oilprovides chemical and sensory characteristics of a genetic and territorial origin (soil and climate).So, the Cultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil production and sale in pureness or varietal, want to assure the users are sensible and careful research for the unique sensations , deriving from a specific origin of the oil for variety and area, in order to overcome that generic thought of a common extra virgin oil and to satisfy the pleasure of exploring new and several possibilities of combination with meat, fish, legumes and vegetables.

Andria’s “Cultivar Coratina” extra virgin olive oil, above all if used raw, as well as combining with several food, it provides an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action which reinforces the duo “food and health”. A duo combined with the famous “Mediterranean diet” (dietamediterranea), which has as  basisthe extra virgin olive oil which, since ancient times, has been a greatly considered in the food field and  today has been rediscovered and reintroduced.

Focusing  on the extra virgin oil, especially on the “Cultivar Coratina”variety, produced by the Consortium “Oro di Andria”, means focusing on particular virtues arising from the simple cold pressingof the olives which ensuresthe integrity of its componentsas well as sensory andnutritional and health constituents, as it is an oil particularly rich of antioxidants (E Vitamin, oleic acid, hydroxytyrosol, oleoperine) that make it a valuable allied of the health.

Galenoa, greek doctor lived in the II century b. C., considered the “father” of the medicine, assigned to the olive oil some therapeutic virtues in order to treatstomach pathologies, while Discoride, considered it particularly suitable for the composition of the ointments. Modern science recognizes the virtue of olive oil even if more as food-medicine than as a component of medicines.

Several scientific researches conducted on the extra virgin oil in the last years has reported from a medical point of view some positive results in the chemotherapy to treat breast cancer up to facilitate a greater longevity of population, to reinforce the cardiovascular apparatus and the liver of expectant mothers as well as having an effect on the cellar membrane of the foetus, reinforcing the phospholipids which contribute to add to the genetic makeup a surplus of intelligence estimated of about 30% more than the normal children.

The researchdone by the Chemical Senses Centerof Philadelphia demonstrated that the piquancy of the Cultivar Coratina extravirgin olive oilis caused by an ingredient called “oleocanthal” which acts as the standard no-steroid anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the cyclooxigenase (COX), an enzyme that carry out an important role in the inflammatory processes. The studies of the Federico II University of Naples diabetology Italian society , introduced during the congress of the European Association For the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Berlin (Germany), demonstrated that the extra virgin oil protects from you from 2 types of diabetes (which is spread among adults and which is linked to the nutrition) thanks to the “monounsatured fatty acids” of which the Cultivar Coratinaextra virgin olive oil is full, because they  allow the decrease of one third the accumulation of fat in the liver. A situation which concerns the 80% of the adult patients.

Another research published by the magazine Neurology says that the regular use of the extra virgin oil reduces of 41% the probability of ictus. A meaningful information, because the research reckons with the physical activity, the body mass index and the diet. With these variables, the risk has emerged clearly inferior in who consumes oil.

In summary, a regular use of extra virgin olive oil, above all if it is specified the quantity and the varietal origin as that of “Cultivar Coratina variety ” could guarantee the attainment of the following healthy effects to our organism:

-    It protects from the cardiovascular diseases, thanks to the ability of hydroxytyrosol, contained in the secoirodoids, which supports a greater production of the nitric oxide (a powerful vasodilator), preventing the oxidation of the DLD lipoproteins which if oxidized represents the main cause for the formation of the artherosclerotic plaque with consequent constriction of the arteries and the onset of cardiac diseases;

-    It conducts a benefic activity for the development of the nervous system thanks to itslipidic composition that makes it similar to the one of the mother’s milk, making it a basic food for babies. In adulthood, instead, it preserves us from the diseases linked to the slowing down of the brain activity, as Parkinson or Alzheimer. All the above thanks to the antioxidant action of the oleic acid, of the polyphenols and of the tocopherols (E vitamin). These diseases caused by the excess of the free radicals which, linking with essential constituents of the neuron, alter its structure and facilitate its degeneration. A recent study realized by the Chicago University has discovered how the oleocanthal, a substance responsible for the prickly or spicy taste of our oil as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory, meddles with the neurotoxic proteins’ action which cause the Parkinson disease.

-    It’s the more digestible and the more healthy among the fats and it has a benefic effect on the gastrointestinal tract, protecting the mucous membranes. The oleic acid, indeed, reduces the hydrochloric acid’s production and therefore it prevents gastric and ulcers. Besides, it expedites the passage in the intestinal tract, facilitating the regularity. Moreover, it encourages the activation of the bile flow and the emptying of the gall-bladder, impeding the onset of biliary calculosis.

-    Represent an important element in the diet of patients affected by diabetes mellitus, because it reduces the sugar level in the blood and the resistance to the insulin typical of this condition;

-    It has a benefic effect on our muscular system because it encourages the absorption of vitamin D and it treats the osteoporosis; moreover, thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action realizes by the oleocanthal, the olive oil is an incisive therapeutic ally for the arthritis;

-    It protects from several inflammatory skin diseases, such as the psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis and other types of eczema. Besides, the scientific research has demonstrated how the squalene in particular – present in olive oil – has some antioxidant properties toward the solar radiations, decreasing the free radicals’ production on a level of the photo exposed skin;

-    It is recommended in pregnancy, thanks to its optimal connection among polyunsaturated and monounsatured (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acid) and the ability to assure a good connection of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) for stimulating the bone mineralization and for preventing some hemorrhagic risks for the unborn. By protecting the gastric mucous, it avoids the oesophagitides flux, recurring in the last quarter. Moreover, it can contribute to prevent some enough recurring metabolic disorders such as the gestational diabetes and constipation.


aroma isparticularly intense fruity of grass and green leaf;

full-bodies taste, bitter and spicy with an aftertaste of artichoke;

color is green with golden shades when it is not filtered.