A great participation of farmers, producers and operators in the sector, for the official presentation of Oro di Andria consortium, on the 26th January 2012 (about thirty farmers acceding) which has been created in order to protect, enhance, promote and sell the extra virgin olive oil of Andria, cultivar “Coratina” variety.
“This could really represent an historical event – the mayor of Andria remembered during the opening of the works – or it will be the umpteenth missed opportunity. Everything will depend on the force, the awareness and the cooperative spirit the producers will be able to put in this initiative. One thing is certain: if each of us will continue to go on the street of the fragmentation and egoism, the oil of Andria is destined to be the “Cinderella” of the markets.
On the contrary, the cooperation for a wide, excellent, typical and certified offer – maybe throughout a sort of scientific identity card of the product – can allow to the whole local production-olive sector to go out to the ghetto and propose itself with credibility, legitimacy and leadership on the national and above all international business stages. At the same time, in view of the very difficult economic situation – the mayor concluded – it is anything but a heresy thinking that the economic perspectives of our territory and our youth are related to a “back to land” in the following decade, obviously throughout a more rational, modern and entrepreneurial of the farm resources”.
Oro di Andria consortium – the assessor of the economic development said – is aimed to reinforce the great quality and the strong identity of the extra virgin olive oil coratina at the “pure” state and its specific, undisputed and particular features, form a unique, strong natured, healty and very long-keeping product. In a market made of bland, weak oils without consistency, our “fruity, bitter and spicy” oil, characterized by a great quantity of polyphenols and antioxidant, is the only news of the business scenery. We may understand this fact and transform this awareness in a great impulse to perform a quality offer, in order to try to win the great challenges of the following years”.
“The brand of the Oro di Andria consortium – Nunzia Samele, the regional leader of the Aipo Puglia said – will be given only to the acceding farmers, as long as they respect the bylaws, the internal regulation and the rigid production regulation. The aim of the consortium is to create common strategies, market research, feasability studies and projects in order to obtain facilities and fundings on regional, national and European regulations. The consortium – Samele concluded – wants to offer further advantages to its partners for what concerns services, throughout specific conventions which will allow an even great efficiency in organization and management of the several steps of the production, from the olive grove to its selling”.
Danilo Berti, a graphic designer from Milan who created the logo for the consortium, was to the meeting, too.
(source www.andriacambia.it)