The passion for the land and for the farming respects the environment, has prompted a group of growers to join in a consortium to share a common path of development and promotion of extra-virgin olive Coratina, with the adoption of a regulation and production rules to strengthen the organizational and commercial development and ensure the quality and originality of its production. Chairman of the consortium is Mrs. Nunzia Samele.

“Gold Andria” is to implement common strategies important to allow among other things, the completion of feasibility studies and / or market research also aimed at obtaining financial relief in respect of applicable regional, national and Community alone has more difficulty in finding a company. The Consortium “Gold Andria”, aims to offer to its members, the ability to establish a distribution network for the acquisition of common orders and placing on the market of the oil produced, according to compliance with a regulation and a specific production rules, necessary to ensure quality and identity typical of extra virgin monocultivar of “Coratina” ..

“Gold of Andria,” is also to offer to its members services and advice for the improvement and control of quality in relation to better and optimal use of chemicals in order to ensure an oil possibly free from the contamination of pesticides. The Consortium olive “Gold Andria”, aims to provide benefits to its members in terms of services with specific agreements in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in management and organizational stages of the production chain from the olive to commercialization. Even so the company Consortium aims to encourage the promotion of sales through the organization and participation in trade fairs, conducting communication campaigns at the national and international level to improve the recognition and enhancement of oil production of Andria, in order to ensure a fair selling price in the markets. The consortium company “Gold Andria” also aims to establish, build and promote their own brand that can be granted exclusive use to the shareholders who so request and who comply in addition to the rules of procedure and the rules of production, including the EU regulations national and regional standards, with special attention to those environmental concerns.

The Consortium olive “Gold Andria”, therefore, aims to strengthen the identity and quality of extra virgin olive Coratina in purity with its specific and unique sensory qualities and quality that occur for particular fruity, bitter and spicy characterized by a high content of polyphenols that are rarely found in other oils commonly in commerce. To achieve this, the Consortium olive “Gold Andria” produces its own olive oil from olives harvested directly to the plant when they have reached at least 50% veraison (stage of “cerasella”) before they reach full maturity. Usually the olive harvest cultivar Coratina starts from the month of November and continues throughout the month of December and in some cases until the middle of January, when you are in the presence of a large olive production. The olive harvest that have achieved the status of “cerasella”, allows you to give the oil the health properties and sensory representing the true elements of exclusivity of its composition particularly rich in polyphenols.

“Gold of Andria”, aims to aim to aggregate the largest possible number of olive producers, in order to ensure on the one hand a greater concentration of production both in terms of quantity and quality by strengthening the capacity of one side on bargaining market in order to optimize operating costs and improve revenues and ensure other consumers on quality, traceability, health originality and extra virgin olive oil “Coratina” thanks to a process executed within 48 hours of collection, must cold or with the temperature de extraction cycle that should not exceed 27 degrees, also to ensure a low degree of acidity which, in all modes, must not exceed 0.35%, to preserve the characteristics of the same ‘ Oil from a chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics and to ensure a high value of the relationship between fatty acids when compared to prevail monounsaturated polyunsaturated.

“Gold Consortium of Andria” aims to offer consumers an extra virgin olive oil is distinguished by place of origin and for chemical and organoleptic and healthy, allowing them to be able to pull over to a type of oil no longer considered waste but the result of traditional peculiarities, historical and socio-cultural that make typical and at the same time original and unrepeatable.